Natalie Mae
Natalie Mae
Luxury Companion


Where is your incall located?

My incall is located in Beverly Hills, CA. Advanced bookings are highly appreciated.

Are your photos retouched?

No. The only editing used is facial blur for discretion. What you see in my photos is what you experience in person.

Do you accommodate couples and single women?

Yes! I love feminine energy and connecting with women as well as men. I require a minimum of two hours for couples dates.

Do you take credit card?

I accept Venmo, Google Wallet, and Square Cash for deposit only.

What is required for you to travel?

Whether is is traveling to you, or traveling with you, I will need a first class flight ticket and I may ask for a separate hotel room depending on how well we know each other. If it happens to be our first encounter, I will need a separate hotel room for the time that I am with you. I require 8 hours of beauty sleep per night, and 1 hour of alone time per day to freshen up. If I happen to use my cellphone during our time, it is to check on the status of my other business ventures.

What will you be arriving in?

I love fashion and my style is ever-changing, but I will most likely show up in a sundress and sandals on a warm day or a blouse and jeans if it’s chilly out. If you have any outfit requests, do not hesitate to ask, I have an extensive wardrobe and I want to be your ideal date.

Are you willing to sign a non-disclosure agreement?

Yes. I understand the value of discretion, and you can be sure that everything you tell me is in confidence.